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Details on Risini Isabella:

RUB Faculty, Institute Law
Type of Project Summer School
International Research Institution The Hague Academy of International Law
Location The Hague, Netherlands
Report The motivation to participate in the Hague Academy's Summer Course in Public International Law (including the Directed Studies) in the summer of 2014 was to learn as much as possible from the most renowned Professors of Public International Law in the world. I got a chance to integrate my existing knowledge, reflect critically upon it, and added important insights. The participation allowed me to gain an overview of current issues of public international law in a very systematic manner which will be valuable for my further research. In The Hague, I enjoyed the company of about 330 young scholars and practitioners from over 90 countries, some of whom became my friends; an experience I will never forget. I can highly recommend the Hague Academy's Summer School in order to reconsider and revisit international law, not only academically, but also from the point of the practical application of the law and the blending in with (international) politics.
Cooperation Partner www.hagueacademy.nl

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