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Details on Nordzieke Daniela:

RUB Faculty, Institute Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology
Type of Project Gateway Fellowship
International Research Institution University of Córdoba
Location Córdoba, Spain
Report How does a pathogen specifically detect its host? What molecules serve thereby as signals? And how are these signals transformed into a specific behavioral change of the pathogen? Unraveling these fundamental questions is the aim of my Gateway Fellowship performed at the group of Prof. A. Di Pietro* at the University of Córdoba in the South of Spain. The pathogen of interest is the worldwide living soil-borne fungus, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Lycopersici, which infects tomato plants by invasion of the roots, resulting in vascular wilt disease and enormous crop losses every year. To study the key step of infection - the host recognition - several methods of investigations were recently established by the group in Córdoba. Using these methods I will draft a first model of signals and output processes governing this infection process during research stay. Besides the practical work in the lab and the establishment of an own research topic, this stay will also enable me to work within the Marie Curie funded FUNGIBRAIN** project and thus to work with several top researchers from all over Europe. This network will give me an excellent starting point to perform independent research in cooperation with other European groups in the future.
Cooperation Partner http://www.uco.es/ingenhongos/en/invest_lineas_pietro.php

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