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Details on Fritzler Natalie:

RUB Faculty, Institute Institute of Macroeconomics
Type of Project Summer School
International Research Institution Laboratory for Socio Dynamics Simulation (LSDS)
Location Barcelona, Spain
Report The 5th Summer School of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA) was held in Barcelona, Spain from September 7-12, 2014. I attended this School to deepen in my knowledge of the method of agent-based modeling and the software platform NetLogo which I am going to use for my dissertation project. During this week in Barcelona I visited numerous lectures conducted by leading researches in the field and worked on my own research project which was presented at the end of the School. I made lots of new interesting international contacts, which certainly will be helpful during my doctoral studies. All in all, it was a highly inspiring experience.
Cooperation Partner http://sct.uab.cat/lsds/content/summer-school-2014-sessions

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