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Details on Mann Daniel:

RUB Faculty, Institute Biophysics
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences
Location Suzhou, China
Report This year's Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference “GTPases: Mechanisms, Interactions and Application” was a big success both for me and my project. I was able to present my results to top-scientists in my project (e.g. Prof. Dr. Stephen Sprang, Prof. Dr. Roger Sunahara, Prof. Dr. John Tesmer) that co-founded the field of heterotrimeric GTPases and still set new standards in GTPase research. My conference abstract was selected for both poster and oral presentations so I was able to both share and discuss my results and even plan future projects with the high-level audience. I would like to thank the organizers and the RURS for giving me this opportunity.
Cooperation Partner https://www.csh-asia.org/pastmeeting.html

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