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Details on Nitzke Solvejg:

RUB Faculty, Institute Faculty of Philology
Type of Project Research Stay
International Research Institution University of Vienna and IWM Vienna
Location Vienna, Austria
Report I attended the IWM (Institute for Human Sciences) Lectures by Dipesh Chakrabarty (University of Chicago). A trained historian and accomplished researcher on globalization and poctcolonial studies, Chakrabarty discussed the qualitative dimensions of the current discussion on climate change and its cultural as well as scientific conditions. Among others things he introduced Jasper’s influential term „epochal consciousness“ (Epochenbewusstsein) into the cultural research on climate change. My meeting with Prof. Eva Horn (University of Vienna) to discuss possible collaboration as well provided promising results.
Cooperation Partner http://www.iwm.at/events/event/climate-question-i/

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