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Details on Pogoda Cathrin:

RUB Faculty, Institute Institute of Archaeological Sciences
Type of Project Field Research
International Research Institution Department of Antiquities of Jordan and German Protestant Istitute of the Holy Land
Location Jerash and Amman, Jordan
Report Due to the financial support of the RSP I was enabled to spend a research stay about three months in Jordan and finish the researches for my PhD in Classical Archaeology. My dissertation discusses the late roman tombs and graves in Northern Jordan and Israel. The field work with the archaeological artefacts was very successful and although the Middle East is currently in the focus of the daily news it was – to the greatest possible extent – save to travel. I was particularly impressed by the hospitality of the locals who have contributed to make my stay memorable. It was not only a successful research stay but also an adventurous journey with unforgettable impressions and experiences.
Cooperation Partner

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