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Details on Djatou Medard:

RUB Faculty, Institute Faculty of Social Sciences
Type of Project Field Research
International Research Institution Field Research in Cameroon
Location Douala, Cameroon
Report As part of my doctoral research in Social Anthropology entitled „LIVING BETWEEN SOCIAL STIGMATISATION AND HEALTH DISPARITIES IN AFRICA: THE COPING MECHANISM OF PERSONS WITH ALBINISM IN CAMEROON “, I travelled to Cameroon for a three months field research funded by the Research School Plus. The qualitative data collected were focused on problems and difficulties face persons with albinism at different levels in the nowadays Cameroonian society and the mechanisms or strategies they developed to cope with. I was an exciting experience because I had the opportunity to share with persons with albinism their living conditions and to discuss about with executive members of their associations and some cameroonian Ministry´s stakeholders. I discuss with my research partners on the next steps of our research collaboration and I would like to thank the Research School for the opportunity it offered to me.
Cooperation Partner

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