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Details on Veit Sebastian:

RUB Faculty, Institute Biochemie der Pflanzen
Type of Project Lab Visit / Research Stay
International Research Institution Yokohama City University
Location Yokohama, Japan
Report In April 2015 I have visited the workgroup of Prof. Ikegami at the YCU in Japan. My research project was focused on the investigation of the structure-function relationship of the cyanobacterial cytochrome b6f complex which is one of the main enzyme complexes in photosynthesis. I previously cooperated with Prof. Ikegami in order to solve the atomic resolution structure of PetP, a subunit of the b6f complex exclusively found in cyanobacteria and red alga but not in plants. The RS Plus funding allowed me to complement the structural information by a detailed study of the interaction mechanisms between PetP with other proteins by NMR. Altogether I can really recommend a research stay in Japan.
Cooperation Partner www-mls.tsurumi.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/lab/stbiol.html

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