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Details on Masny Daniel:

RUB Faculty, Institute HGI and Faculty of Mathematics
Type of Project Lab Visit / Research Stay
International Research Institution IDC Herzliya
Location Herzliya, Israel
Report The research stay at IDC Herzliya started on the 5th of April and ended on the 30th of May. It was an International work group and other visitors from UCLA and CUHK were involved in the project. The visit was crucial to start the project and a significant progress was made. Additionally I had the chance to visit Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University and Weizmann Institute of science, which improved my scientific network. Overall it was an important experience, which helped me to professionalize my research and helped me to make progress of being an established member of the scientific community in my field of research.
Cooperation Partner portal.idc.ac.il/faculty/en/pages/profile.aspx

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