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ThinkGlobal creates international connections for neuro- and cognitive scientists

The project invites international researchers to explore our unique research consortium

ThinkGlobal is a brand new project that offers international scientists a tailor-made entry into the complex and challenging research consortium on cognition and neuro sciences: With a hands-on tailored website, interactive exchange via tuned social media channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), networking via a digital event, and travel grants for talent acquisition. Throughout the year, ThinkGlobal develops a digital international research marketing campaign for the research consortium for neuro- and cognitive science. The project is one of eight concepts that won in the ideas competition for international research marketing in 2021 organized by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Research in Germany initiative by DAAD and received a funding of 36.700 € for one year.

And YOU can be part of it!

As an international researcher in the field of neuro- or cognitive science, take your chance to apply for a travel grant for an on-site visit or meet your international colleagues/peers at a digital events!

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Our Excellent Research Consortium for Neuro- and Cognitive Sciences

Our research consortium rests on an exceptionally large platform of scientific consortia that are funded by the most competitive grants of the German science system. Currently these are three Collaborative Neuroscientific Research Centers (SFBs), two Research Units (FOR), a DFG Research Training Group, and the research building THINK (Center for Theoretical and Integrative Neuro- and Cognitive Science) with all its cutting-edge scientific infrastructure.

All of these assets constitute the fundament of an excellence consortium of neurocognitive scientists of the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) and the University Duisburg-Essen (UDE). The core ideas of the consortium were born out of internal discussions of scientists whose expertise reach from molecular neuroscience up to the philosophy of mind. They all came together to understand how our individual pasts that are embedded in the ever-changing synaptic networks of our brains create our cognitions. Since our cognitive behavior results in a continuous inflow of new information, our memories and our current encounters continuously reciprocate, thereby changing the way we remember, think, and act.

This view on the very fundaments of our mind forces us to ask new kinds of scientific questions. It’s the thrill of these open questions that resulted in the establishment of the research consortium.

Stay tuned: Digital event and travel grants for international postdocs

The concept of ThinkGlobal includes a digital event and travel grants for outstanding postdocs who fit the research area, who will be invited to explore our research location. The project builds on existing collaborations with the University of Queensland, Rutgers University in the USA and the Donders Institute. Together with the partners, the RUB organizes a digital event in January of 2022, where international postdocs have the opportunity to discuss with researchers from our consortium. Participants in the digital event can apply for travel grants that will enable them to spend two weeks doing research in Bochum. During their stay, they can also participate in Research School workshops. Find out more on our website.

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