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Once you are an enroled doctoral researcher at RUB, you can register at the Reseach School Database and automatically get access to all the activities and measures you will find on our homepage.

RUB international

Ruhr-Universität Bochum is one of the strongest research universities in Germany and hosts nearly all scientific disciplines on one campus.
Twenty faculties and numerous affiliated institutes offer a wide range of doctoral opportunities – within a few minutes you can walk from Philosophy to Biology and meet people from different research fields and different countries. You can implement your doctoral project in an international research environment and meet researchers from all over the world.

International Applicants

The requirements and rules for a doctorate at Ruhr University Bochum apply for native and international doctoral candidates alike, though you might need to fulfill certain country-specific visa conditions and/or verify language skills.

It is up to you to get informed thoroughly – the RUB offers a variety of programs and measures to support your intergration:

  • For general information on visa, residency and acommodation, contact the RUB Welcome Center for international academics.

  • For information on formal requirements of a doctorate at RUB, contact the Dean's Office of your chosen faculty. See also planning a doctorate for general requirements and procedures.

  • German language courses for doctoral candidates and guest reasearchers can be found at the Center for foreign language acquisition, ZFA.

  • Modern foreign languages, including English and German as a foreign language can also be found at the University Language Center.

  • For further personal support and counselling at the Research School, contact Dr. Ursula Justus.