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Note that the mentoring is usually conducted in German.

Exceptions may be granted, according to the individual consideration of the mentor (in case of questions concerning the application procedure and language, contact the project coordinator). The mentoring program is organized by the Professional Development Office (Interne Fortbildung und Beratung, IFB) and the RUB Research School respectively:

Coordinator, Julia Leising Tel.: 0234- 32 - 22695

Information RUB-RS,                       Dr. Ursula Justus
Tel.: 0234-32-28070

Business Mentoring Program

The business mentoring program enables you to make first steps from a science career to business and gain insight into relevant fields of work. Every Research School doctoral researcher can apply for the mentoring program.

Through one-on-one exchange, an experienced mentor discusses your career development and shares their expertise and experiences about attitudes, values, strategies, and resources. Your mentor will also guide you with your personal career goals and help you understand the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your desired field.

The mentoring program lasts one year and your mentor is experienced within a professional area relevant for your career plans. Together you are able to choose the topics and timing of your meetings, allowing you to fully customise the process of your mentoring according to your needs.

Application procedure

The applicants are selected on the basis of a two-stage process:

  • The “application form for mentees”
    (keep in mind that this form is handed to the respective mentor and will serve as initiation to develop the contact).
  • Upon invitation, a 30 minute interview will take place where you present your personal motivation, goals and expectations concerning the program and mentor.

The progress and outcomes of the program will be evaluated at meetings twice a year.

Feel free to apply at any time. Dates will be announced when ready. For your application we need:

  • a completed application form (if applicable with photo)
  • short description of your research project ( 1-2 pages)
  • CV

Number of participants: 12-15 doctoral researchers