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Dr. Ursula Justus

• Advising doctoral researchers & early Postdocs
• Ombudsperson
• Workshop Programme

Certified Coach (DGfC).

Room: FNO 01/142
Phone: +49(0)234-32-28070

Open Consultation Hours:

Thursday, 14.30 - 16.00 h

Please get in touch for other appointments!


The Ombudsperson of RUB-RS provides personal counselling and informal assistance in dealing with questions and concerns related to your PhD situation - they will not advise you in any research-related issues. For example, if you cannot easily come up with a solution or understanding of a situation, or have more questions than answers, the Ombudsperson explores options, gives personal orientation and discusses possible ways for a viable solution. In addition, the Ombudsperson can provide information about other counselling services at RUB that might be helpful to you.

The Ombudsperson is neutral, acts independently and can be contacted by all members of RUB-RS. They do not have to report on any personal case or contact to any other body or member of the Research School or the university. All contacts and contents are treated strictly confidentially and you can choose to remain anonymous.

In case you need advice related to the rules of good scientific practice you can also contact the Ombudperson of RUB responsible for these questions, under RUB offer above.