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Ph.D. Exchange Scholarships (PhD.X)

2 Calls a year: June 15 and November 15

The RUB Research School awards Ph.D. Exchange Scholarships (PhD.X) to international doctoral researchers within an international research cooperation of RUB and international partner institutions. We understand this programme as a structural support fostering RUB's international research network and a support for early career researchers from abroad.

The invitation of international doctoral researchers for a three- to six-month research visit is to take place within the framework of an already existing cooperation. Besides the scientific collaboration and its benefits, guests are encouraged to get to know the German academic system and culture as well. Reciprocally, we hope that RUB researchers receive an invitation from the partner institution in return. Please note that the international guests are expected to hand in the application package.

We are convinced that this vivid exchange programme will sustainably support RUB’s international research collaboration.



The programme aims to support and strengthen the international research network of RUB. International doctoral researchers can apply for a scholarship if they are involved in existing research cooperations. They have the opportunity to work on their doctoral research projects in Germany. With PhD.X we intend to initiate, revive or expand a bilateral exchange of doctoral researchers and, accordingly, RUB Research School hopes that the partner institutions invite RUB students for research stays in return.

The supported doctoral researchers will become members of RUB Research School for the time of their research stay. They are welcome to participate in RUB-RS activities and benefit from the doctoral community on campus. Thus, we hope to enrich the interdisciplinary dialogue and networking amongst our young researchers.


Please consider content and handling of the cooperation letter for the Ph.D. Exchange Programme.

More than one doctoral researcher can apply to the same chair or working group at RUB for the same or overlapping time period.

The inviting chairs are expected to take over organisational responsibilities related to the research stay at RUB.



The scholarship holders directly receive a monthly amount of 1,000 € for the time of their research stay (3 to 6 months).



International doctoral researchers are eligible to apply if they have obtained a Bachelor or Master degree from a university outside Germany and are officially accepted/enrolled as doctoral researchers at their home universities.

The department, institute or chair at which the visiting doctoral researchers are pursuing their respective Ph.D. projects must have an existing research cooperation with a chair or working group at RUB. Applicants have to be involved in this cooperation. The research collaboration has to be documented by a cooperation letter acknowledged by responsible scientists at RUB and the international cooperation partner (see section “apply”).

Review Criteria

Review Criteria



The applications must meet the following criteria:

  • formal completeness of the application
  • academic record of the applicant
  • coherence of research project and work plan
  • importance of the research stay for the applicant (benefit for individual qualification, career perspectives and international networks)
  • integration into an existing international research cooperation at RUB
  • importance of the research stay for the research cooperation (benefit for research outcomes and activities, planned further activities within the cooperation)
  • planned activities and research stays of RUB doctoral researchers at partner university within the research cooperation


Review Process

Review Process


The review process lasts around two months. The Executive Board will finally decide about the scholarship grants on the basis of the written applications and an expert review whenever necessary.




Next call: Those who wish to visit RUB in the secind half of 2020 may send in their applications by June 15.



Applications are submitted by the international doctoral researchers.

You can access the online application form here.

Please complete the application by submitting the following documents with the application form:

      • copy of Master or Bachelor degree containing grades and an explanation of the grading system (if necessary with English translation)
      • formal documentation of the home university that the applicant is currently enrolled as doctoral researcher.
      • completed cooperation letter
      • letter of recommendation by the first supervisor of the home university, commenting on:
        • scientific record of the applicant
        • importance of the research stay for the applicant
        • importance of the research stay for the research cooperation
        • acknowledgement of the cooperation letter
      • invitation letter by the host supervisor of RUB covering:
        • confirmation that the research project has been discussed and approved
        • importance of the research stay for the research cooperation
        • statement to supervise the invited doctoral researcher during the research stay
        • acknowledgement of the cooperation letter



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