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More than research...

RUB Research School offers all doctoral researchers on campus the opportunity to accomplish their doctoral training within a structured framework: This means, combining research-related training, training in scientific communication and career guidance workshops with scientific exchange beyond disciplinary borders. Beyond research.

Our programme focuses on key elements of your qualification whilst giving you the freedom to design your individual “training plan”.
You are able to integrate and combine a broad variety of activities and events on campus and in cooperation with your supervisor(s). Choose which activities, colloquia, meetings, workshops or events are most relevant for your research project.

Shape your own qualification schedule according to your personal needs and envisaged career plans.

The RUB Research School programme offers:


  • Research School certificate: not a requirement, but highly recommended, the RS certificate is an incentive for you to go beyond research. It provides you with a framework that helps you define your own path and explore the additional qualifications listed below.




  • Research-related training: Providing state-of-the-art knowledge, advanced training in research methods and supporting an active participation in ongoing research discussions within your field. This training specifically, is offered by your faculty, chair or research programme on and off campus.




  • Special interdisciplinary training: RUB Research School offers two interdisciplinary events that foster scientific exchange within the doctoral community and enhance the understanding of research across disciplinary boundaries – Science College and Research Day.




  • Generic skills training: Facilitating your professional competencies in scientific communication. Advanced courses in scientific presentation, scientific writing and professional communication in science support your ability to communicate your research successfully to a broad audience.




  • Career training: Preparing and profiling your career in and outside academia with visits to major companies and workshops on career guidance, that provide employment-related skills as preparation for a career in and outside academia.




  • Additional events such as Science goes Public, intercultural communication and language courses