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Research Explorer Ruhr

Research Explorer Ruhr aims to increase the international visibility of Ruhr-Universität Bochum at the postdoc level. The program offers young researchers the opportunity of a two week taster visit to the university. During this time, the guests and hosting institutions meet directly, get to know each other and explore research interests, infrastructure and possible cooperation in the future. Research School provides workshops on the German Research Landscape and successful proposals for third-party funding for a postdoc stay at RUB.

All professors at RUB are invited to host potential candidates and Research School matches applicants and hosts according to their interests. Costs of travel, accommodation and visa are covered by Research School PLUS for the two week period.

<div class="nivo-caption_bottom2" style="padding:5%; font-size:12pt; line-height:120%;">"Before participating in the Research Explorer Ruhr programme, I knew that I wanted to try and build my career in Germany, but I had no idea where to begin. The programme was carefully tailored to help the ‘Explorers’ find our feet, and to build linkage with renowned scholars at the Ruhr University Bochum. It provided workshops on the German research landscape, and on writing research proposals tailored to our fields. It was a terrific experience to spend two weeks with other researchers from across the world as we learnt about the possibilities for future research collaboration in the Ruhr. I am extremely grateful to my host, Stefan Berger at the Institute for Social Movements, and to Jörn Benzinger from the Research School for putting it all together. And I will never forget my first (or second, or third) experience with Bochum’s local delicacy, the curry wurst!"<br><br><b>-Dr. Liam Byrne, University of Melbourne, Australia</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom2" style="padding:5%; font-size:12pt; line-height:120%;">"The RUB Research Explorer Ruhr Program was excellent! It gave me the opportunity to connect with mentors at the Institute of Social Movements, as well as conduct research on a new project on female political prisoners in Germany in the library of the Institute and the RUB. The unique structure of the program provided both guidance and freedom to pursue new academic endeavors in Germany. I hope to return as a postdoc and enjoy beautiful Bochum again in the near future!"<br><br><b>-Dr. Alexandria Ruble, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom2" style="padding:5%; font-size:12pt; line-height:120%;">"The Research Explorer was a major step in my career development as I had the opportunity to meet an outstanding research group in Microbial Biotechnology and share many laboratory experiences. During my stay, we've manage to develop a new research project combining my previous scientific background from Brazil and novel methodologies from the host professor at RUB."<br><br><b>- Dr. Renato Montagnolli, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom2" style="padding:5%; font-size:12pt; line-height:120%;">"Research Explorer Ruhr (RER) is an excellent program for those who have an intention to continue their postdoctoral research in Germany. I had an opportunity to communicate with researchers form different countries, cultures and of various professions. We explored the university, got to know the German system of higher education. RER provided a good platform to the participants to exchange some methodological and educational experiences: we presented our ongoing research during sessions. Due to the well-organized schedule, we had also extra time for visiting the library, exploring the sights and visiting 'Total Bochum' festival."<br><br><b>- Dr. Garnik Harutyunyan, Yerevan State University, Armenia<b/> </div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom2" style="padding:5%; font-size:12pt; line-height:120%;">"Attending the Research Explorer Ruhr program was an amazing opportunity to learn about postdoc funding options in Germany, to build up a scientific network and to start a collaboration in my research project with an outstanding group at the Department of Biochemistry of Ruhr University Bochum. The program is nicely organized, with interesting seminars as well as space for discussions and experience exchange among successful young researchers. Moreover, it provided us with the proper conditions to explore the university area, get in contact with the local culture and plan the next funding application in order to start a research career in Germany".<br><br><b>- Dr. Juliana Rizzo, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom2" style="padding:5%; font-size:12pt; line-height:120%;">"The two weeks I’ve spent in Ruhr, at the Research Explorer programme, were extremely rewarding. I can only praise the flawless organization, the friendly environment and the useful research advice. Above all, the programme has helped me make sense of Germany’s complex funding landscape, prepare future applications and plan the next stages of my academic career.".<br><br><b>- Bernardo Ferro, University of Coimbra</b></div>