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History and Vision

The RUB Research School as it exists today was founded on July 12th 2011, by decision of the academic senate of the Ruhr-University Bochum. As a now campus-wide institution, the RUB Research School (RUB-RS) is a result of the collaboration of all faculties, aiming to further develop doctoral studies and offers at RUB.

As such the Research School aims at:

  • The promotion of structured doctoral programs and a university-wide quality standard for admission, supervision, research training and examination of young researchers.

  • The implementation of a framework for the homogenization of existing doctoral examination regulations.

  • Exchange and interdisciplinary dialogue on the methods, strategies and the organisation of research.

  • Fostering interdisciplinary research, internationality and funding of individual research projects.

In short the RUB-RS serves as a link between the group of young researchers, faculties, different doctoral initiatives and the RS PLUS program. The latter is a third-party funded project specifically for the internationalisation of doctoral training at RUB, won under the Excellence Initiative II (2012-2017).

Body and Structure

The governing body of RUB Research School consists of an Advisory Board, the schools Speaker and Deputy, the Committee of Faculties (Fakultätenausschuss) and it's Central Coordination Office (CCO).

In addition, the Research School's Ombudsperson provides personal counselling and assistance in dealing with individual PhD questions and concerns.

Central Coordination Office

The Central Coordination Office is responsible for the administrative and organisational tasks of RUB Research School

The CCO administrates, organises and supports all doctoral researchers with advisory services. Special support is given to international doctoral fellows and guests of the Research School. The CCO coordinates inter- and transdisciplinary activities, organises qualification courses for generic skills and manages Research School PLUS.

Advisory Board

Consisting of international renowned experts, the advisory board is the main instrument of quality assurance and regularly reviews Research Schools concepts, actions, the budget and our annual report. The recommendations of the advisory board are essential for the strategic development of the Research School.
In addition, Prof. Dr. Karin Donhauser is a member of the Ruhr-University council.













As speaker, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein directs the Research School and initiates continuing strategic development of the doctoral training programme. He also coordinates the cooperation of faculties within the Research School and organisations outside the Ruhr-University. His deputy is Prof. Dr. Jörn-Carsten Gottwald.


Committee of Faculties

The Research School is an academic institution operating under the guardianship of the RUB faculties. The faculty committee represents the interest of the faculties and comprises of one member of each faculty:

  • In the category of lecturer and professor - one elected representative and by rule, the faculties doctoral committee chairperson.
  • In the category doctoral candidate - one representative chosen by the faculty council and suggested by other doctoral candidates of the faculty.
  • In the category advisor - a RUB-RS employee representative from the technical and administrative staff, elected by the other members within this category.

The committee advises on and constitutes any necessary, new or old doctoral regulation and/or proposed amendment regarding the Research School, and issues recommendations and opinions on this topic. It implements quality standards within these regulations and maintains quality assurance for interdisciplinary doctoral candidacies.

The committee convenes at least once every semester, upon invitation of the coordinator, or on consensus of 50% of the committees members.

Here are the currently elected faculty representatives.