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How to apply successfully

Each funding comes with an individual application sheet; please click through the different programmes in the left column.

Here are some hints to increase your application’s chance of success:

  • Familiarize yourself with the philosophy and criteria of the funding lines using the information available at this website.
  • Before preparing an application, please get in touch with the Research School coordinators, to make sure that you have observed all formalities. Also, browse through the Hall of Fame to find fellow students, who might cross-check your application before you submit it.
  • Please prepare your application as early as you can. It takes at least four months to review an application and projects cannot be funded retroactively. Should your application not be accepted, it may take another four months to review a re-submitted version.
  • Write understandably and convincingly. Keep in mind that your application will be reviewed and decided upon by non-specialists. Successful applications convince the doctoral reviewers that the outlined projects are relevant and well thought-through. Be concrete and specify clearly what you intend to do.
  • Consider becoming a doctoral reviewer for Research School PLUS. Nothing teaches you how to write good applications like evaluating them.
  • Attend a workshop on successful grant application (see the Research School Training Programme).
  • Ensure formal completeness. This always includes proper grammar and spell-checking.
  • Write in English.