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Funded Projects

Research School PLUS has funded hundreds of international projects - and more are added every month.

Exchange of doctoral students and professors, lecture series, conference organization, field research, workshops: Research School PLUS offers a number of funding programs to support your ideas and your research.

Meet some of the most impressive and innovative projects below.

  • Innovators

    Innovators develop projects that go beyond borders - and classic funding lines

    We successfully helped some doctoral researchers at RUB funding their own conferences

  • VIPs

    International experts share their knowledge and experience at Ruhr University

    Research Explorer Ruhr offers young researchers the opportunity of a two week exploratory visit to the university

  • VIPs

    Aspiring young PostDocs embarking on international projects


    Research around the World - A full account of all funded projects

  • First year doctoral researchers who enriched their doctorate by several international activities.