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Did you know?

  • Reviews by doctoral researchers are the core of our review process as they are part of both the first and third stage of our decision-making cycle. Hence, without doctoral reviewers, RS PLUS would not be able to grant any funding.
  • We will certify your work as  reviewer, of course.

Become a reviewer!

Improve your personal skills set and support your peers by joining the review community today!

Being a reviewer is a highly beneficial commitment for RUB’s doctoral researchers as your participation not only enables the granting of Research School PLUS funding in the first place but also improves significant research and transferable skills that will boost your chances for a successful career.

You will enhance your ability to write well-structured texts, screen key aspects from comprehensive statements, and successfully propose for subsidies yourself – features that are in high demand both inside and outside academia.

RUB Research School gives its doctoral researchers the unique opportunity to become part of the reviewing process at this early career stage. Take this outstanding chance and join our high-quality training workshops that you will not find at any other German university!

Due to technical problems at the moment, we kindly ask you to send your data for registration as a reviewer (name, mail, faculty, chair, field of expertise) by mail to Sarah Gemicioglu.

Application as reviewer