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About Science College

The opportunity to get in contact with the diversity of science at large, the intellectual exchange and communication across disciplinary boundaries, makes the RUB Research School unique. Science College is one of the most appropriate means to direct budding researchers' attention to overarching issues of science and society. The event covers recent transdisciplinary research topics and involves leading minds of relevant disciplines.

To receive the Research School certificate, doctoral researchers have to participate in Science College once during the doctorate.

Science College 2019
"Open Science: How open & transparent should research be?"

At the moment one of the most important and challenging discussions going on in all research areas is about Open Science.

Open Science aims to organise research in a way that research data, methods and processes will be available openly and can be shared by others. Open Science will initiate a culture change in research following the principles of transparency, fairness, accessibility and sharing knowledge also enabling others to participate and contribute.

This year’s Science College dives into the ongoing discussion about Open Science. You will gain first insights into the topic itself and in research practices like Open Access, Open Data and Design Thinking. Experts and researchers will share their knowledge and experiences and together with you sum up the most important pros and cons of the ongoing discussion. You will have the opportunity to reflect Open Science for your own research and start thinking about if (or if not) Open Science might affect your own research.

If you have any question please contact Dr. Ursula Justus.