Registration: Reaching your audience and performing with confidence - all

Venue: FNO 01/171
Time: 9:00 - ca. 17.00 hrs (incl. 1 h lunchbreak)
Trainer: Ric Oquita
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: acknowledged with 1 CP within the doctoral training programme of RUB RS Certificate


This workshop addresses researchers in the humanities and social sciences who would like to present their research in a convincing but individual way and who would like to reach their audience when performing "live" on stage.


Course description

An academic trainer and actor will work with you on delivering scientific presentations that bring across the core message of your research clear, structured and explicit. You will work on your individual presentation style, develop strategies how to win over your audience and how to perform with confidence (also against "stage fright"). You are welcome to bring your own style of presenting - from free presentation to written text and work with this.


Constructive feedback from the trainer and the other participants will facilitate professional input and offer benchmarks to better assess the effect of your presentations.


On the first day you will define which presentation style would be appropriate, adequate and convincing for you and how to perform in different presentation settings (conference vs. colloquium). You will develop strategies to reduce the complexity of your research in a structured way with the aim to communicate the key results and findings of your research convincingly and effectively. You will get to know rhetorical techniques and stylistic devices that will help you to bring across your research in a clear and distinguished manner. 


On the second and third day you will work on your non-verbal communication to support your performance in front of an audience. You will learn to take control of breathing and voice, facial expression, gestures and body language. At the end you will develop strategies to deal with difficult questions that might come up during the discussion.


In detail the workshop will focus on:

  • presentation settings, faculty culture and presentation style
  • my own style – my own research activities
  • rhetorical techniques and stylistic devices
  • engaging your audience
  • creating a narrative arc
  • language coaching to communicate information effectively
  • training for vocal and physical expressiveness and dynamics
  • video recording and feedback

Preparing Note
Please bring a 1-3 page extract of your PhD thesis with you for the first day of the workshop as well as a USB stick, your laptop and slides for the introduction of a presentation that you have already given or wish to give. The extract should include one of the most important lines of argument of your dissertation.


Ric Oquita - you will find information about the trainer on the following website:

Date: 20.–22.05.2019

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