Registration: Become effective and professional in your personal communication - basic

Venue: FNO 01/171
Time: 10.00 - ca. 17.30 hrs (with 1 h lunchbreak)
Trainer: Kathrin Keune
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: acknowledged with 1 CP for the doctoral training programme of RUB-RS Certificate


This workshop is particularly helpful for researchers who would like to enhance their personal competencies in professional communication with the aim to communicate with others in a constructive and convining way.


Course description

Communication in science often follows informal rules which differ from communication standards in other contexts (e.g. business or politics). To master these implicit and not standardised rules can help you to communicate in a constructive way with both peers and supervisors and to identify and finally reach your personal communication goals. In this respect, professional communication is one of the key competencies to support your individual career perspective not only in the academic world.


To initiate a change in your perspective on communication and convey a broader understanding of professional communication, this training makes use of active participation and individual reflection. It provides space and time to reflect on one`s personality and individual skill set as a basis for successful communication. These reflections will be matched with several important aspects of communication including body language and non-verbal cues.


This training does offer individual solutions to complex situations which hardly ever fit any standard. Even though different communication models will be discussed, this course strives to empower the participants in finding their own solutions to various communication challenges.


In detail the workshop will work by the method of role play, video recording, team work and discussion on:

  • personality traits and professional communication
  • aims of communication: relationship building, authenticity, assertiveness
  • negotiation and criticism

Kathrin Keune, consultant and performing artist, holds a Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy, Coaching and Education and earned a B.A. in the performing arts. She worked in a San Diego based medical research laboratory throughout her 6 year stay in Southern California, USA. Kathrin offered trainings on scientific presentation and communication at different American and German universities. She still performs at different venues in Germany.

Date: 05.–07.06.2019

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