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Details on Engelbert Annika:

RUB Faculty, Institute Law
Type of Project Workshop
International Research Institution University of Passau
Location Passau, Germany
Report How much can you learn in only one week? After having participated in the workshop „The Economics of Corruption: Experimental Approaches to Responsible Governance”, organized by the University of Passau, I can confirm: pretty much. Conducting research in a highly interdisciplinary field as I do can make things rather complicated or incredibly inspiring. The latter was the case for my workshop, bringing together Master and PhD students from all over the world to scenic Bavaria, all with different scientific backgrounds, but with a common research passion: corruption – or, to make it sound a bit nicer, anti-corruption. During one intense week of both lectures and hands-on activities such as games, experiment modeling and simulations, I got not only the opportunity to present my research project to a knowledgeable audience and to receive important feedback on it, but also to get acquainted with the world of behavioral economics. Talking to my fellow participants over coffee, dinner or “Weizenbier”, I learned that not all of them were as lucky as I was to receive funding from my home institution. Personally, I think this workshop was a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed very much being part of an international research community!
Cooperation Partner www.uni-passau.de

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