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Details on Jing Chen:

RUB Faculty, Institute GSCB
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution The 8th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting MIP 2014
Location Zhenjiang, China
Report Among all the research talks scheduled, major researches have been focusing on synthesizing and characterizing the MIP polymer, while a few groups have achieved application breakthrough regarding biological samples application. My talk was on Saturday afternoon, Sep. 20th with the title of “Phosphopeptide enrichment from mammalian cell extracts using plastic antibodies”. With distinguishing results from the biological matrix test, attention was drawn and interesting questions were raised. In the last plenary lecture from my collaboration partner, Prof. Dr. Börje Sellergren presented part of my result again, highlighting the achievement in biological application.
Cooperation Partner http://mip2014.ujs.edu.cn/pub/cms

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