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Details on Puls Arik Benjamin:

RUB Faculty, Institute Chemistry and Biochemistry
Type of Project Research Stay
International Research Institution Tokyo University of Science
Location Tokyo, Japan
Report In 2013 the Research School PLUS funded a two month s stay at Tokyo University of Science (TUS), Japan with Prof. Yuichi Negishi, a renowned expert in gold cluster chemistry and mass spectrometry, making him the ideal collaboration partner for my PhD research. During my stay I could gather essential data for my PhD project, present my research and finalize a joint publication with Prof. Negishi. Furthermore, I could profit from his research network with access to equipment beyond the capabilities of RUB and TUS. Discussions with Prof. Negishi and his students were fruitful and supported new ideas. Since 2011 Prof. Negishi is my second supervisor and this visit convinced him to attend my thesis de fense in March 2014. In addition, a trip to Gunma University was funded which enabled me to present my research there and discuss postdoctoral options. Scientifically, I could finalize my results, presen t them during my stay and establish the foundation for a long lasting cooperation between RUB and TUS beyond my PhD project. Personally, RS PLUS allowed me to span a research network in the scientifically thriving Asian-pacific region and toexperience the fascinating Japanese culture.
Cooperation Partner www.tus.ac.jp/en

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