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Details on Freitag Kerstin:

RUB Faculty, Institute Chemistry and Biochemistry
Type of Project Research Stay
International Research Institution University of California, Davis
Location Davis, USA
Report Funded by the Research School plus, I spent three months in the group of Prof. P. Power at the University of California Davis. The group was my choice because of the groups outstandig organometallic chemistry expertise which can be seen in an enormous number of publications through the last three decades. The research focus is the synthesis and characterization of novel transition-metal and main group element compounds, were the central element exhibits unusual oxidation states, coordination numbers and unusual bonding or magnetic properties are observed. The chemistry is closely related to the chemistry of my dissertation project as it is dealing with the stabilization of unsusual transition and main group metals as well. During my stay in the Power group I was able to synthesize two novel compounds, which will contribute to a publication. But moreover the vivid exchange within the Power group during group seminars and in the daily lab life broadened my chemical and personal horizon in I way I would have never expected.
Cooperation Partner

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