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Details on Rügner Katja:

RUB Faculty, Institute Physics and Astronomy
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution Universidad de Sevilla
Location Seville, Spain
Report With the support of the Research School plus I attended a Congress in Seville called "European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processing". I n six days, the Congress covers a wide range of topics, including a specialized symposia related to my research in plasma deposition processes. Over 1 477 researchers, students and industrial representative s were participating. Therefore I was able, not only to attend presentati ons related to my research but also to listen to so me topics that were not so familiar to me. I enjoyed a lot of presentations and the possibility to discus s about science with other researchers. Very important for me was the experience to also present my work to ot hers at such a big congress. Additionally to the congress an exhibition with ca. 30 industrial companies, advertising their latest products and offering jobs, has taken place. So, the congress offered on the academic side a goo d mixture of sophisticated researchers and young Ph D students, all presenting their research and on the industrial side the possibility to inform oneself o f new products and of job opportunities.
Cooperation Partner www.us.es

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