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Details on Spychalska Maria:

RUB Faculty, Institute Philosophy and Educational Sciences, Institute of Philosoph
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution European Science Foundation
Location Utrecht, Netherlands
Report In my PhD project I work on logical and pragmatic competence in natural language reasoning. I conduct EEG experiments on processing of pragmatic and semantic inferences in language. I also try to provide some formal modeling of the investigated phenomena. The funding from the Research School Plus enabled me to take part in many international conferences in the period between June and September 2013. In days 3 - 6 September 2013 I participated in the conference on Experimental Pragmatics (XPRAG) in Utrecht. I gave a poster presentation on my recent ERP study on the processing of the scalar implicature. The X - PRAG conference on experimental pragmatics is a biennial event that aims at fostering interaction between linguistic, psychological, and philosophical approaches to utterance interpretation. It is organized by the EURO - XPRAG Network that aims to support experimental pragmatic research through collaborations, workshops and conferences in order to provide leadership for this field worldwide. The general scope of the conference was highly relevant for the topic of my doctorate project. I attended many interesting talks, and the poster session was very rich. It was an especially great surprise for me that there were plenty posters on the topic of scalar implicatures, providing important and relevant data for my own research. I got great feedback on my experiment and learned about what has been recently done in this field by other People.
Cooperation Partner www.esf.org

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