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Details on Pogoda Cathrin:

RUB Faculty, Institute Historical Science, Institute for Archeology
Type of Project Package
International Research Institution National Jordan Museum
Location Amman, Jordan
Report Due to the financial support of the Research School PLUS I was able to spend four weeks in Jordan in September of 2013. I am receiving my PhD in Classical Archaeology and write my dissertation about the limestone sarcophagi from Gerasa. Due to their size and weight they must be documented and studied on the site. In the course of this work I have travelled throughout Northern Jordan and to Israel. I had the possibility to present my thesis at a conference about “Death and Burial from Roman to Islamic times” at the University of Jordan in Amman where I met the leading experts in my field of research. I got a lot of feedback and new starting points. The field work with the archaeological artefacts but also the participation at the conference and the exchange with the other experts was very successful and defacing for the advancement of my PhD. All in all it was not only an advantageous and productive research stay but also a valuable and adventuresome experience for my personal life.
Cooperation Partner http://jordanmuseum.jo/en

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