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Details on Meis Sandrina:

RUB Faculty, Institute Geosciences, Institute for Geology, Mineralogy and Geophysics
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution Università di Ferrara
Location Florence, Italy
Report To participate at international conferences is a great possibility for each PhD-student to gain new experiences. It is an excellent chance to get in contact with an international audience of accredited scientists. This year, the Research School Plus offered me the great possibility to participate in the Goldschmidt Conference that took place in Florence. The conference is one of the most important conferences with a mineralogical and geochemical background. Each year it brings together over 3000 delegates that present and discuss their most recent results. My research topic fit perfect to one microsymposium with the title “Geochemical processes at mineral –water interfaces”. During my PhD-project I analyse the structure und properties of the interface systems between the mineral pyrite and water, amino acids and organic molecules in aqueous solution. The determination of the pyrite-water interface is interesting for acid mine drainage processes and plays an important role in the Wächtershäuser-scenario which describes one possibility for the origin of life. The chance to present my recent results at a poster session offered me the possibility to discuss with senior scientist and colleagues from different backgrounds and working groups, so that I could benefit from their experiences and their feedback.
Cooperation Partner http://www.universita-telematica.it/info_uniecampus_frequenza.asp?utm_source=Goo

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