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Details on Becker Kordula:

RUB Faculty, Institute Biology and Biotechnology
Type of Project Research Stay
International Research Institution Oregon State University
Location Corvallis, USA
Report In fall 2012 I spent two month at Oregon State University (Corvallis, Oregon, USA) to get trained on a new method called ChIP-seq. The technique enables the genome wide identification of specific transcription factor binding sites - knowledge that is crucial for the optimization of fungal strains used for the large scale production of the ß-lactam antibiotic penicillin. Back at Bochum I established the method for the use in our lab. One year later, in fall 2013, I presented some of my first results at the Annual Meeting of the German Genetics Society in Braunschweig where I was awarded the 1st poster prize for the presentation of my data. Both, the research stay and the conference participation were funded by the Ruhr-University Bochum Research School. I’m very thankful for this support all the great opportunities opened up by the RURS which constitute a big enrichment for my time as a PhD student at our University.
Cooperation Partner http://oregonstate.edu/

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