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Details on Wiktor Christian:

RUB Faculty, Institute Chemistry and Biochemistry
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution Ferderation of European Materials Societies
Location Sevilla, Spain
Report When I applied for the EUROMAT 2013 I was in doubt if there would be any substantial contacts with other researchers from my field, since it is one of the largest materials science conferences in Europe. When I saw the organization of the individual symposia I ceased to doubt, because every symposium had about 30 to 40 participants. Although the conference had over 2300 contributors these small symposia created the perfect atmosphere for discussions. Of course this also meant that there were many presentations at the same time. On the other hand one could be sure that all participants in all symposia were genuinely interested in the presentations. For me the discussions with other participants resulted in two new cooperations with other European groups. My personal goal was to get a better orientation in my field of science. I was able to get to know research fields closely connected to my own. This gave me a better idea of the kind of science I want to conduct after I finished my PhD. In addition I was able to use the oral presentation I gave as a valuable training for my PhD defense. In summary the RURS funding allowed me to visit a very interesting and highly regarded conference.
Cooperation Partner www.fems.org

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