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Details on Haag Lauren:

RUB Faculty, Institute IGSN
Type of Project Workshop
International Research Institution University of Cardiff
Location Cardiff, UK
Report I recently had the opportunity to attend an international workshop in Cardiff, Wales, UK with the help of RUB Research School Plus funding. Experts in the field along with newcomers, like me, gathered here to discuss methodology, applications, successes, and also difficulties of GABA-sensitive 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Traveling with others within my research group, we as a lab were able to meet up with international collaborators we rarely get to see, we established new contacts to optimize our future analyses, and we had the opportunity to make others aware of potential acquisition confounds we had systematically investigated. I have already begun implementing what was discussed at the conference, allowing me to better interpret my data and ultimately answer my thesis question more conclusively.
Cooperation Partner www.cardiff.ac.uk

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