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Details on Addis Annalisa:

RUB Faculty, Institute Institute of Development Studies and Development Research
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution Kadir Has University
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Report Thanks to funding granted from the Research School PLUS, I attendedthe World Conference of Humanitarian Studies (WCHS) in Istanbul.It was the first time I was able to participate inthis major conference in the field of humanitarian studies,and also the last before the end of my doctoral studies, as it is held every two years. The conference gathered over three hundredparticipantsfrom all over the world, including leading scholars whose works are listed in my thesis’ bibliography, but also fellow doctoral students and early-stage researchers, experienced field practitioners as well aspolicy consultants and policy makers. I was able to expandmyown network of contacts, and to receivevaluable feedback on theresearchI presented together with my professor. What is more, the editor of a relevant journal attended the panel we were presenting in, and he launched the idea of a special issue including contributions from some of the panellists. While it is early to say whether our paper will be included in the publication, for sure we would not have had this opportunity, if we had not attended the conference.
Cooperation Partner www.khas.edu.tr/en

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