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Details on Aust Frederik:

RUB Faculty, Institute Psychology
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution Georgia Institute of Technology
Location Atlanta, USA
Report The Cognitive Aging Conference is a competitive conference that is attended by over 400 researchers from around the world. Visiting this conference allowed me to present my research to an international audience of experts on cognitive aging. My collaborator from the University of South Florida Dr. Edwards introduced me to leading researchers of my field. During the discussions with these colleagues, I received helpful suggestions that have greatly improved the validity of my findings. Meeting with Dr. Edwards personally also provided an opportunity to discuss the outline of our manuscript, which we plan to submit in the coming months. Dr. Edwards, furthermore, extended an invitation to visit her laboratory to conduct further research. All things considered, the attendance of the conference was a very valuable experience and a great opportunity to discuss my work with researchers from all over the world---I am grateful I was given this opportunity.
Cooperation Partner www.gatech.edu

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