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Details on Hilleke Lisa:

RUB Faculty, Institute Institute of Development Research and Development Policy
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution The IRED - Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Report As I am in the final stage of my PhD and have just received my supervisors' feedback for the first draft of my PhD project, the last mile before finishing my research project made me want to reconfirm my interdisciplinary approach combining economics and social science as well as humanitarian and development perspectives. In addition, I started wondering about potential next career steps and my professional future. When I became aware of the International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Economics and Human Behavior - SEH 2014, I was immediately convinced that this conference would help me regarding both concers. The SEH 2014 was part of the 2014 IRED Malaysia Conferences taking place in Kuala Lumpur on March 8th and 9th, 2014. As a listener, I had the opportunity to observe inspiring presentations of high quality academic papers by dedicated researchers from all over the world. Once again, I can consider myself very lucky to be a student of a structured PhD program with the Research School as RUB’s internal funding body, which furthers both interdisciplinary research and internationality. Research School PLUS also supports non-active conference participations and therefore helped me benefit from the SEH 2014 in the best way possible.
Cooperation Partner www.theired.org

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