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Details on Norpoth Johannes:

RUB Faculty, Institute Law
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution São Paulo Law School
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Report The annual conference of the Postgraduate and Early Professionals/Academics Network of the Society of International Economic Law (IEL) provides PhD students, post-docs, young international lawyers as well as young government officials from all over the world a unique opportunity to discuss current issues of IEL. It is a particularly fruitful environment for testing ideas. The participants exchange views on their presentations as peers and two senior academics/professionals comment on each paper. Thus, being able to present at this conference a paper that incorporates parts of my PhD thesis has been a great opportunity. Through comments of both fellow participants and commentators I gained great confidence in the arguments that I presented, while recognizing the need to further accentuate some specific aspects. In sum, presenting at this conference allowed me both to improve my professional network in the IEL community and to advance confidently with my thesis.
Cooperation Partner

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