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Details on Karimi Mohammadhossein:

RUB Faculty, Institute Civil and Environmental Engineering
Type of Project Workshop
International Research Institution Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Location Karlsruhe, Germany
Report Reactive solute transport models (RTMs) in porous media collaborate considerably to distinguish the biological processes in environmental issues. Such models are now progressively carried out in engineering projects addressing water pollution problems. A slow sand filter (SSF) can be accomplished either in centralized water treatment facilities.These systems can be as simple to operate water with also hooked up to a pumping system. The filter is merely a bed of bio-sand supported by a layer of the Sewage Sludge Bio-Chars (SSBC) with appurtenances to deliver and remove chemical oxygen demand (COD) . The SSBC, biosolids coal, have been prepared under an oxygen deficient environment at different temperatures. Pyrolysis of sewage sludge is implemented using laboratory-scale equipment at temperatures between 750 and 900°C. The biosolids coal carbonized at 900 °C, has more the abundance of micropores, and higher an aromatic heterocyclic inorganic compound as compared with those of carbonized at 750 °C.
Cooperation Partner www.kit.edu

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