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Details on Lülf Charlotte:

RUB Faculty, Institute
Type of Project Summer School
International Research Institution The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation
Location Venice, Italy
Report Migration flows, resulting from war, climate change or economic crisis cannot be tackled by single states but need to be addressed as a transnational and international responsibility. Refugee law, established in the aftermath of World War II, fails to regulate and even more to provide for effective protection. Widely excluded are people not individually persecuted for the statutory criteria, people that flee from the indiscriminate effects of a generalised situation of violence or disaster. To what rights are they entitled and what obligations can be derived for involved states? My PhD Project addresses people fleeing from armed conflict, with people fleeing to Europe as a main target group. Focussing on that group allows for the inclusion of several fields of law: the project identifies how refugee protection standards can be enriched through recourse to human rights and the laws of armed conflict against the background of the asylum procedures of the EU.
Cooperation Partner www.eiuc.org

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