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Details on Lefor Dominik:

RUB Faculty, Institute Mechanical Engineering
Type of Project Conference
International Research Institution American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Location Chicago, USA
Report At the "Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting" in Chicago I had the chance to meet researchers of my field from all over the world. To present my investigations in front of an international audience has been a terrific experience. Comments on my presentation have approved my former work and suggested ideas for my future investigations. I have also met people, whose publications have inspired my research. Hence I bonded with people from my research field, which might be beneficial for my project and my future career. Additionally, I got more ideas for my project attending other conference presentations. It was also possible to get an insight into related or even very special topics, which is nice information for my career management. I thus strongly recommend the visit of an international conference to ever scientific researcher. I would like to thank the RUB Research School for funding these experience!
Cooperation Partner www.asme.org

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