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Details on Klabunde Anna:

RUB Faculty, Institute Economics and Business Administration
Type of Project Event Organization
International Research Institution
Location Bochum, Germany
Report I organized the interdisciplinary workshop ESSA@work with the help of RUB Research School Plus. PhD students and Postdocs from Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands from different areas of social computer simulations got together in the Beckmanns Hof to discuss their work and exchange ideas. What was special about the workshop was the fact that - contrary to most other conferences and workshops - people could present work at an early stage to get feedback early on, rather than re-inventing the wheel. Besides, there were smaller discussion groups about particular topics - eg. validation methods, diffusion on networks, etc. - where researchers with similar interests could get together to find solutions to shared problems. The goal of the workshop was that everyone leaves Bochum having made a significant step forward in their research project. According to the feedback round at the end of the workshop, this was certainly achieved. Personally, I made lots of new contacts which will certainly be useful during my Postdoc-period.
Cooperation Partner

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