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Details on Schröder Daniel:

RUB Faculty, Institute Physics and Astronomy, Institute of Experimental Physics
Type of Project Research Stay
International Research Institution University of York
Location York, UK
Report In spring 2014, I had the chance to go on a research stay for three months at the York Plasma Institute (YPI), University of York, UK. Together with the local physicists and scientists from different disciplines (biology and chemistry), I worked on the investigation of the ozone radical for biomedical treatments. Plasma scientists use electrically-driven gas discharges, so-called plasma devices, to generate chemical reactive species like ozone, that are used for several treatments e.g. wound healing of human skin. During my stay, we achieved to characterise the dynamics of ozone in dependence of the induced electrical power, within our plasma source. By understanding these, biologists will be able to taylor the dosis of ozone reaching organic substrates like cells or skin according to the desired medical effect. Combined with my close and friendly collaboration with the students as well as with the established academics I can sum up this stay as a successful and fruitful experience for me.
Cooperation Partner www.york.ac.uk

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