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Details on Goering D. Timothy:

RUB Faculty, Institute Historical Science
Type of Project Event Organization
International Research Institution
Location Bochum, Germany
Report "It is a great honor for me to be able to host two different conferences at the Ruhr-University Bochum that will be financed by the Research School PLUS. The first conference "Philosophy, Theory and History in Germany since 1945" will take place in September 2014. I have invited renowned German and international speakers to come together to discuss the relationship between historical theory and analytic philosophy. If everything runs according to schedule, I will function as the editor of the proceedings of the conference that will be published in the distinguished Journal of the Philosophy of History. The second conference "Ideengeschichte. Traditionen und Perspektiven" will take place in November 2014 and will be visited by very acclaimed speakers. The conference is aimed at shedding light on the current standing of intellectual history in German academia. In the past years there have been a significant number of discussions amongst historians about the role and value of the discipline of intellectual history and this conference seeks to intervene in this debate. I plan to edit the papers and find a publisher in order to publish the proceedings of the conference. It is exciting and challenging at the same time to be able to organize two conferences around two different topics that are of great interest to me. The process of organizing the conference, editing the papers and coordinating the publication process will be an invaluable experience as a young scholar. And although it will be time consuming, I look forward to it very much."
Cooperation Partner

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