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Details on Abel Laura:

RUB Faculty, Institute Chemistry and Biochemistry
Type of Project Research Stay
International Research Institution University of Sao Paulo
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Report My PhD project is focused on the development of the immune system during aging and should clarify, if there exists a connection between neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease and the formation of special antibodies, which are directed against agents that are naturally occuring in the body, so called autoantibodies. During March and April 2014 I got the opportunity to work in the laboratory of the Brazilian Aging Brain Study Group, which is part of Brazil's most famous Medical School, located at the University of Sao Paulo. As I am looking for autoantibodies against special brain cells, which could be used as diagnosic tool for Parkinson's disease, I learned how to prepare human brain tissue samples for my studies. I lived in an international guesthouse and met people from all over the world. Together we experienced Sao Paulo and tried nearly all the Brazilian sweets available. It was a great time.
Cooperation Partner www5.usp.br

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