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Details on Thol Monika:

RUB Faculty, Institute Mechanical Engineering, Institute for Thermo- and Fluitdynamics
Type of Project Research Stay
International Research Institution National Institute for Standards and Technology, Boulder
Location Boulder, USA
Report This project was carried out at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Boulder, USA) from 03/14/2014 - 05/17/2014 and was funded by the RUB Research School. This institute is the most famous and successful one in the world in measuring high-accurate thermophysical properties and setting up high-accurate fundamental equations of state. I could work together with Dr. E. W. Lemmon, who was involved in the development of nearly every fundamental equation of state developed in the last 15 years. Additionally, I had close contact to very famous experimentalists measuring high-quality thermophysical properties. During that work, I could gain much experience which I could not only use for successfully working on my oxygen project, but also in my further research work. I am very grateful to the RUB Research School that they gave me the opportunity of gaining such experience.
Cooperation Partner http://www.nist.gov

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