Visiting International Professor Grant

It is our endeavour to foster lasting cooperation in graduate education between Ruhr-Universität and renowned international institutions. The Visiting International Professor Fellowship is awarded to outstanding international researchers contributing to graduate training at RUB by teaching, scientific advice or direct supervision. Research School supports VIP fellows with a travel grant of up to 5,000 € to support their repeated visits to Bochum within a period of 2 years. Reapplications are possible.

Find an overview of our Visiting International Professors and their ongoing cooperation among our Funded Projects examples.

The next application deadline is November 15, 2019!

Research School would like to encourage potential RUB hosts to especially nominate female VIPs and gladly refer to RUB as a Family Friendly University





Research School PLUS supports RUB's doctoral researchers by enabling international research and fostering lasting international networks.

The Visiting International Professor Fellowship fosters international networks by supporting repeated visits of outstanding international researchers who wish to contribute to doctoral research at Ruhr-Universität.

Visiting International Professors provide international expertise and perspective. Of course, they are also nuclei of lasting international cooperation--which in turn can be supported by the other funding lines of Research School PLUS.





Research School PLUS awards a total budget of up to 5,000 Euro to Visiting International Professors to support their multiple visits to Ruhr-Universität. This mobility fund is intended to cover travel and accommodation costs of the Visiting International Professor.

Please note that the VIP grant can be combined with other funding sources, including other Research School PLUS funding lines.




Prospective Visiting International Professors are established researchers that work at international research institutions.

They are nominated by one (or more) RUB supervisors. It is essential that doctoral researchers from the nominating research group, chair or institute express their support through accompanying letters of recommendation illustrating the benefit of the VIPs visits for their research projects and international network.

Review Criteria

Review Criteria




Visiting International Professors should have an excellent research profile, international visibility and should intend to visit RUB several times within a period of at least two years.

The VIP should engage in sustained collaborative research projects and participate in advanced graduate education and in the supervision of doctoral researchers of Ruhr-Universität.

It is expected that the VIP participates in some Research School events and has a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of doctoral research and supervision.

Ideally, the VIP should be willing to host doctoral researchers at their own institution to foster exchange with RUB.


Review Process

Review Process


The Executive Board decides on all applications. If necessary, expert review will be called upon to review an application.



Please note:

2 calls a year. Deadlines on June 15 and November 15.

CALL #11 is closed. Application deadline was 15 Nov 2019, Decisions will be announced in early 2020.


Next Call #12 ends June 15, 2020.



Please note a recent change to our application procedure. We ask you to hand in three different forms:


  • #1: Personal data of VIP applicant
  • #2: Commitment, signed by VIP applicant and RUB host
  • #3: at least two statements of benefitting doctoral researchers


Form #1: Personal Information Form VIP

Form #2: Commitment of VIP and host

Form #3: Doctoral researchers' statements

Please send all completed documents to



Take a look at previous Research School PLUS VIPs here.


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