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Please log into the workshop section in order to view and administer your personal workshop list! 

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Important workshop registration guidelines

Your personal workshop list is documented under “My Seminars”, (visible after you log into the workshops section).
The workshop list indicates the level of experience (basic/advanced/all), and the research field the workshops would best apply to (LS/NES: Life Sciences, Natural and Engineering Sciences | HSS: Humanities and Social Scieces | all: all research fields)
All workshops are part of an open enrolment system, with a limited number of vacancies. Please enrol only in the workshop(s) of your interest, and indicate your workshop priority within the comment field of the workshop registration form. For this reason, it is very important that you complete the registration form for every workshop.
Prior to every workshop, we will inform you of your final participation status of every workshop you registered for – this will be your binding confirmation status unless you unregister.
If you wish not to be considered for a confirmed event, we kindly ask you to unregister as soon as possible under “My Seminars”. We need to manage positions and vacancies responsibly. We kindly ask you to unregister right in time so that we can offer your position to other participants (the workshop costs are rather expensive). We can only offer a programme like this if we share this responsibility and handle the positions responsibly.
Your participation in the workshops is free of charge.
BUT: due to last years’ experiences we will ask you to share workshop costs in case you do not unregister right in time or do not show up to the workshop without unregistering right in time. Please unregister at least one week before the workshop will start or we will ask you to pay 30,- Euro to share the workshop costs.