RUB Research School

Tips and Hints on Our Application Procedure

Follow these four steps before submitting an application

[This page is available in English only as it addresses international researchers]

To make the most efficient use of your time and ours, please follow the following steps. We will be happy to get you connected with your potentital host (step 4), but we cannot identify them for you (step 1).


  • Step 1: Check for a potential host/mentor.
    All of our efforts and funding lines are useless if there is no research fit for you on our campus. So please browse the websites where our research takes place to look for potential mentors and hosts.
  • Step 2: Check your career level.
    Internationally, many different terms are in use for different career stages. Check our overview to see where you fit in our setting.
  • Step 3: Check for funding line.
    Depending on your career level, you are eligible for different funding lines.
  • Step 4: Get in touch with us.
    Once you have an idea on where to do your research (step 1), and what funding line is the best choice for you (steps 2&3), please reach out so that we can personally advise you on the application process and eventually get you in touch with the potential host/mentor.