RUB Research School

Research Associate Dr. Artur Pilacinski

Research Assistantship 2021

Art visited RUB for three months in late 2021 through our Research Assistantship funding line. He convinced his host Prof. Dr. Christian Klaes right from the start and was eventually offered a four-year postdoc contract at the Faculty of Medicine.

“The RUB Research Assistantship scholarship allowed me to do a laboratory visit at Christian Klaes' Lab and talk about research ideas and grant applications. During the visit, I also established connections to local partners in Ruhr Valley with whom we now formed a Portuguese-German consortium applying for EU funding for a project on collaborative robotics. Christian decided I might be a match for his lab's research plans and offered me a position for the next four years and we will work together on neurotechnology research.”

Welcome to Bochum, dear Art!